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Roster/Meet Procedure for

= www.just-in-time-racing.com


Need your Password:   contact – eltorotf@optonline.net




1)&n= bsp;     Go to Cross Country page

2)&n= bsp;     Go to:  &= nbsp;     Roster

3)&n= bsp;     Choose your Section:

4)&n= bsp;     Find your school

5)&n= bsp;     Enter your gender

6)&n= bsp;     Enter your password 

7)&n= bsp;     Press  “login”     (DO Not Press The Enter Key)

8)&n= bsp;     Start entering your roster

9)&n= bsp;     Once you are finished entering your roster

       Pres= s:        Save changes to roster (bottom of page)



That’s it, you’= re finished.